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Welcome to Kew Speech & Language!

As parents, you want to ensure that your children receive the best start in life.  At times we can grow concerned about our kids' development.  


I am here to support your child through the early years.  I have experience working with children through the first 1001 days and beyond.  I accept referrals from families with pre-school children.  I have a specialist interest in early intervention.  As a speech and language therapist, I help children develop communication skills and support their general development.  I provide advice to both parents and educational professionals.  I work directly with children, offering tailored therapy sessions to support their needs.  I also offer support and strategies to parents and carers, so they can support their children's communication through functional activities eg: meals and bathtime.


I can ensure that your child receives the appropriate help and support, at a time and location convenient to you.  I offer sessions in my clinic in Kew.  If you are interested in chatting about your child’s needs please contact me by email on:   

Do you need advice or re-assurance?
does my child stammer?


  • There is stammering in my family, will my child stammer?

  • My child sometimes stammers when he is excited.

  • Over the last couple of weeks my daughter has been stammering.  What should we do?


Many children go through a period when their speech is not as fluent.  Their physical ability to speak has been overtaken by their ideas and their language development.  

Never hurry your child to speak or finish their sentences.


By modelling slow speech, you can reduce the bumpiness of your child's speech.

what babbling is normal?


  • my baby does not babble as much as other babies

  • my baby does not babble at all

  • the sounds seem different


Babies should make sounds in the early months and start double babbling by 8 months. (baba, gaga)

my child does not seem to settle


  • Is your child a chatterbox at home but seems very quiet at Nursery.


Some children can be described as reluctant talkers.  They are chatty at home with familiar people but at school or at nursery they appear to freeze.  They are not able to take part in the activities or get their message across to the teachers.


There are useful strategies that we can use to support children with these difficulties.

can we speak to our child in two different languages?


Are you confused by the advice you have been given about bilingualism?


As parents we should all speak to our children in the language that we are most comfortable with and proficient in.


My child is not really interested in toys


We are all individuals and our interests will vary.  However, babies and children will develop through a series of stages as they explore the world around them.  Initially, they will explore things and then start to understand the function of an object. Once these relationships are secure they will start to use objects in a pretend or symbolic way.


The development of play skills is closely linked to the development of language.  


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